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Surrounded by numerous everyday objects, we tend to unconsciously collect them and adapt ourselves to them, commonly ignoring their origin, importance, characteristics and aesthetic.

The aim of this project is to create a collection of textiles for fashion application with the topic “unconscious (re)collection of everyday private objects”. For this purpose a specific part of two or three different objects are merged into a new hybrid, which looks familiar and irritates at the same time.

These dysfunctional objects call our collective consciousness and memory, showing their function and aesthetic in an ironic way. Sometimes it will be difficult to recognize them, and sometimes, at first glance, they will appear to be normal. The idea behind using these prints for fashion application is to alienate and change the context of these objects in a radical way, making them a beautiful piece to wear and admire.The prints are done for specific pieces using silk as the main material and screen-printing as the technique. The dyes used are black pigment and acid dye for the colored shapes.

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