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For the knitwear label ORITO, the whole concept of the brand were developed, together with the corporate identity, the production system and the social value. Every stage of this project is a project itself.

The design process of the garments such as the material selection, the development of the color palette and the patterns are developed in Germany and handmade in Colombia.

"This project found its inspiration in a group of retired women that had the initiative to help families who struggle to care for young infants by providing much needed baby kits. All the products are handmade in Colombia by those women in small batches, using traditional techniques. 10% of the cost of each garment is for the support of socially disadvantaged families in Colombia, who are often the victims of violence."

"Being handcrafted each garment is unique, the variations in colour and size reflect the individual who created it. The garments are designed for a long useful life, and may be passed down to future generations and become part of many stories, acknowledging the person who created it and the environment."

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