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“The shortest connection between two dots.” This is the definition of the straight line and it’s among these concepts where this project finds its inspiration. The main goal of this practical work is to create fine handmade pieces, by combining hand stitching with different unconventional materials in fashion, and allowing straight simple lines to connect random dots creating a complex surface, where an apparently threedimensional composition appears by overlapping lines, and shaping new unexpected geometrical figures. Each piece is unique in its shape, due to the fact that they are all stitched following a spontaneous process, based on some simple rules that pretend to create a contrast between the spontaneity in the front side and the regularity in the backside.


The pieces could be used in some particular body parts like breasts, shoulders, neck and back. This is achieved by using a mixture of hard and flexible materials that create systems of small pieces joined together to allow movement, while maintaining a more or less stable structure. Just like an armor that keeps the chest safe, the pieces seem to protect the body using different materials to obtain flexibility and rigidity, imitating the natural structure of bones and articulations.

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